In Pictures: UK Games Expo 2017

Jobby tries to look cool and casual at the bus stop.
Some games for the Bring and Buy.
The big welcoming sign to Hall 1!
Sarah’s favourite animal of the show!
It’s soo cute! Scaring guests in Ghostel.
Line ’em up and I’ll knock ’em down! (Cthulhu Bowling)
Jobby is the die. Jobby is the die. (Cthulhu Bowling)
The Cthulhu Bowling scoreboard. Yes, that’s Jobby’s name at the top!
Sarah wants to go here! Shipping goods in Vikings on Board.
Is it like Splendor? Hmm… Century: Spice Road.
Calls himself a detective? Jobby and Sarah beat Sherlock in Beyond Baker Street.
No, my elephants aren’t dead. They’re just sleeping. Kerala.
The Catan stall in all its glory.
It’s so pretty! Santorini got a few plays from us.
On the straight in giant Chariot Race.
Chariots tearing round the corner in giant Chariot Race.
Exciting! A Laser Squad board game in the works!
The action in Martian Rover. The red cub in the middle is Jobby Mountain!
Wider view of the prototype of Martian Rover.
Sarah and Jobby pose with the UKGE dice.
Our haul from UKGE 2017.
A boat with two guys on it being attacked by a sea monster in Survive Escape From Atlantis

International Tabletop Day 2017

Jobby and Sarah hosted a gathering for International Tabletop Day this year. Here’s a run down of how they got on…

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Pink and purple wooden camels sitting on a board with a picture of spice underneath.

Camels in the Desert and King of the Island

Jobby and Sarah play another couple of their challenge games, Samarkand: Routes to Riches and Isle of Skye: From Chieftan to King. Here’s a play report…

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