Jobby and Magic

I’m a spellslinger. No, really. I have been playing Magic the Gathering since 2004. It’s a collectible card game which means cards are purchased in packs with random contents; you’re never quite sure what you’re going to get.

The game appeals to me on several levels. Firstly, it appeals to the collector in me; I just love buying new cards and seeing what I get! My collection of several thousand cards is obsessively sorted by set then alphabetically and is kept in a database.

Secondly, I love the complexity of Magic. I really enjoy the depth of the rules and the ability of players in the game to respond to each others’ moves immediately. This leads me on to a love of deckbuilding, that is preparing decks for playing with as each player in Magic uses their own deck of cards. I love exploring synergy between cards’ abilities and trying to find ways to ‘break’ cards.

Finally I enjoy the social aspect of Magic. I generally play casual games, once per week round the home of a few of my friends. We normally get at least three or four players, sometimes more, and we play that anyone can use any cards they own. Proxies are allowed, but counter-magic is out. We sit and play all-against-all all evening, normally getting through probably eight or ten games a night.

On this site you will find decklists of decks that I play casually. Feel free to try these out with your friends. They probably aren’t Standard legal, and bear in mind they only contain cards that I own. If you think I should slip a different card in then feel free to leave a comment!
I also blog on this site about new sets coming out and sometimes produce session reports for events that I attend, normally Pre-Releases.

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