The King is Dead!

Jobby and Rob recreate the Battle of Crocus Plain in C&C: Ancients. Let the blood flow…

Ancient History

Rob has a new job so we can now meet up more often which will result in more plays of Gloomhaven and wargames. This week, we played our favourite system, Commands & Colors: Ancients and set up Crocus Plain (352 BC)*. This battle saw King Philip II lead his Macedonian army against the Phocians led by Onomarchus.

Onomarchus fielded his army with their back to the Persian Gulf. Historically the battle ended with the Phocians defeated and literally running into the sea to try and swim to the Athenian ships that had just arrived. Onomarchus died in the fighting with King Philip II dominating the whole of Thessaly.

Rob took the role of the Phocian underdogs (tan) and I led the Macedonians (blue). Here’s how our battle went in pictures.

* As a side note: The game’s manual calls this Crocus Plain and Wikipedia calls it Crocus Field. Take your pick. 😉

Early in the battle and Rob’s archers kill King Philip II! My leader is dead! Is this a sign of things to come?
Undeterred by the loss of my king, I press on with my centre pushing back Onomarchus and Mnaseas and their troops.
Onomarchus is in trouble as the Macedonian heavy infantry continue to press in.
On the flanks, the Macedonian cavalry use their speed and strength to dominate the battlefield. The Phocian cavalry is pushed away infantry runs from the invader’s horses.
The end of the battle. It had been a blood-fest. All of the Macedonian medium and heavy infantry in the centre were wiped out but their cavalry proved too strong for the Phocians. Final score Macedonians 6 – Phocians 5

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