Happy Cloud Dragon

Jobby’s had his pens out again…

Look to the Skies!

Everyone does that thing where they see something in the clouds. I’m not talking UFOs, I mean how clouds look like other things. You spend ages trying to convince your friend that the huge mass of evaporated water looks just like a giant Samurai using a large banana to strike down Daffy Duck. Or something.

Well, Sarah was driving us somewhere and suddenly the cloud in front looked like a big happy dragon. To wit:

A big, fluffy dragon. Can you see it?

I was so taking aback by this happy looking fellow that I had to take a photo so I could draw it later.

And this is the result of my drawing…

That dragon suddenly looks more goblin-ish

Stewart, for that is what Sarah has named him, looked a bit less dragon-y than I thought he would. I went a bit Salvador Dali-ish and just let my hands draw without too much concious effort which is probably why he’s come out a big like a goblin crossed with a glow worm. Ahem.

Still, I did manage to capture his happy little grin. 😁

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