First Impressions – Dice Hosptial: Community Care

Jobby helps to bring cute little pink dice into the world…

Really is FIrst Impressions

Yes, this really is a first impression of the Dice Hospital: Community Care expansion. I’m a big fan of Dice Hospital and I named it one of my Top Ten of 2019. It’s those chunky ambulances, I can’t get enough! I was very excited when Alley Cat Games announced an expansion for it and when I saw the cute, little, pink baby dice I knew I had to have it.

Well, I got it. Sarah was eager to give it a try so I read the rules and we found a bit of time one weekend to give it a whirl. Note that Dice Hospital: Community Care is actually three modules that can be played individually or mixed together. We opted to play with just the Maternity Expansion and I’m glad we did!

Maternity Care adds pink dice and some pink treatment rooms and pink specialists. Oh, and a whole world of brain burn!

Aw, look at those ickle baby dice with their baby pink mother. All freshly discharged from hospital. Aw!

So Much Pink!

The idea is that pink dice, representing mothers, are collected by players with the regular intake of patients. They will birth a single baby or sometimes twins. They can only be discharged with their children so the group must all be increased to 7 in the same round. This results in much more dice being discharged at the same time so scores should get to be higher.

There’s also a spacial element. Each ward can only hold one Mother and dice now can’t be moved around. This sometimes causes patients to die to make room for an incoming Mum! Mothers in a ward on their own don’t devalue through neglect so trying to keep them isolated is desirable.

All of this really adds up to some massive headaches and I mean that literally. By the end of the game my grey matter really was aching and I felt like I’d been put through the mental wringer. In our play I was focussed on discharging lots of pink dice to get lots of points but neglected the other patients. Conversely, Sarah’s new mums got properly lodged in her hospital taking up the same beds for most of the game while her regular patients got pushed through with factory like efficiency. And Sarah won which honestly surprised me because I thought the key would be healing up the pinks.

I will happily play the Maternity Expansion again, just once I have been well rested and watered beforehand! I also look forward to trying out the City Expansion (run around a map picking up patients). I really don’t know a lot about the Improvements Expansion – I haven’t read the rules yet.

So yeah, I’d recommend this but only if you’re really familiar with the base game. The added time pressure and spacial puzzle is not for the faint hearted! Now, excuse me while I find some Ibuprofen.

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