Adventuring In Gloomhaven – Part 2

After a long break from Gloomhaven due to COVID lockdowns Jobby has been able to play again. Here’s the latest…

Author’s note: this series is being written from the perspective of the characters as Gloomhaven is very much an RPG type of game.

The Adventures Continue

Hello there! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Since we last spoke Crud and I have been up to lots of adventures. We’ve headed north looking for the “Gloom” marked on the map we found in the Dark Barrow. This lead to a crypt where we dealt with many undead and have honed our skills somewhat. That way seemed to be getting more and more dangerous so we decided to make our way to Dagger Forest and do as Jekserah asked: deal with some rogue Inox merchants that she doesn’t like.

Her wishes were simple. She just wanted us to make sure they understood not to get on the wrong side of her. About ten dead should do it, she reckoned. We burst into their encampment and set about delivering the message.

Crud and Terence burst in on the Inox encampment disturbing three brutes.

Three brutes stood before us, and we could spy and archer and a mystical looking shaman behind them. The Inox tower above me and are even taller than Crud. Their fould smelling hides swish as they draw their swords and charge.

Straightaway I dart to the right drawing a single brute to me. I impale him with a poisoned dart making him grunt. Crud collides with his colleagues, scattering them and pushing one through one of the idols behind them.

Annoyingly, that shaman mumbles some magic words and I can see the poison seep out of my targets wounds. Hmm… this may prove trickier than we thought.

In the ensuing battle, Crud makes short work of one of the two brutes while I finish off the one that he’d hurt the most initially. My original target stumbles behind me, unable to keep up with my swift movements.

Crud and I decide that we need to take care of that shaman. He’s just hiding behind the others and using his foul magic to hinder us and help his colleagues. I stun the two remaining brutes and run around the shaman. He snarls and utters foul oaths but I fling an ink bomb at him, covering him in black caustic goo.

Crud barges through the archer, almost casually flinging him into a thorny bush, and then barrels into the shaman finishing my work. We are getting the better of this group. As we turn to put the others out of their misery, other brutes begin stamping into the area. If anything, these are slower and dumber than their cohorts.

Crud and I have become adept at working together. I dance and spin around our foes, needling them and confusing them but always keeping them at arm’s length. Crud then bears down on them with his colossal frame and the poor wretches don’t know what has hit them.

We even begin to toy with the last ones. I set up a poison trap which Crud then obligingly shoves one of the hapless souls into! Almost as quick as it begun the camp is empty save for a Quatryl, a Savvas and lots of bodies. Satisfied our work is done we head back to Jekserah to report a job well done.

Crud gets behind a brute to push him into Terence’s poison trap.

Jekserah is pleased. The message has been delivered well and she pays us for our troubles. She tells us that she wants us to find a diamond, a very large diamond, for one of her clients. She gives us directions to a place where we can steal one. Alas, it’s not in Dagger Forest. I was hoping to return there and find some forest imps to help with my personal quest of finding a cure to my people’s disease.

Outside Jekserah’s, the two of us are approached by another Quatryl. She is dressed from head to foot in black leather and claims to be part of Gloomhaven’s city watch. They are keeping tabs on Jekserah, apparently, and she’d appreciate our help. She tells us to go to a warehouse in the city and there we will find proof of the terrible deeds that Jekserah has been doing.

It seems, once again, that we must choose which path to follow.

To be continued…

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