Getting Out There Again

Jobby gets running again, managing 5Km for the first time in ages…

Getting Up That Hill

Somewhere in the past year or so I completely lost my mojo with running. I dropped out from running the Cambridge Half, which happened just before Lockdown 1. Then with all the pandemic happenings in the past year I’ve really struggled to get out there.

It got to the point where I was afraid and embarrassed to try running again. In the past I’ve managed to run a half marathon in under two hours so it’s really soul destroying to find that lately I can’t even run 5Km, less than a quarter of the distance. I haven’t managed a continuous 5K since July. When in such a slump, how do you pick yourself up again?

Well, recently I’ve been ‘shredding’ with Sarah. We’ve been doing a workout DVD. For me this has been a good way of getting my cardio levels up to something not too shabby again. With the gyms all closed, it also gets me doing some weights work again. I’m sure it must be helping to burn off the lovely bakery that Sarah has been producing in Lockdown. More importantly, it has helped me feel a bit more confident.

Workout DVD to running again

We’d decided to run Sunday morning. It was cold and icy out there but we wouldn’t let that deter us. We selected a route that I was happy with: I could tap out at 2 miles if I wanted to and be near our home. But I wasn’t going to do that, not today. I was going to do a 5K, I was going to force myself.

It’s a bit chilly for a run…

I did it! I felt good and strong at the 1 mile mark. Confidence was back. I know I was running a lot slower than I have done in previous years but at least I was covering some distance. At 2 miles I still felt like I could keep going so I turned away from home and headed off for the last mile. It was getting difficult but the last half mile was through a nature reserve which looked beautiful with snow and ice on the plants. That buouyed up my spirits and I pushed on and up the hill for the last bit of distance. That was it! 5Km done!

Now to keep it going!

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