A Sunday of Games

Jobby’s daughter visits and they all decide to play board games, because that’s what they do…

Too Cold to Go Out

It was a sunny but cold this Sunday when my daughter, ‘A’ visited. Too cold for walks so we decided to have one of those mini tournaments. One board game choice each, winner gets bragging rights.

First up, ‘A’s choice of Tokaido. A quick rules reminder and we all chose our characters. ‘A’ went for the Geisha, who gets the cheapest item free at a village. Sarah had the person who chooses from two encounters and I plumped for the priest with his free donation to the temple.

Well, ‘A’ truly abused her power and despite not completing any of her souvenir sets she still finished first. And that included missing the last meal! For the record, free temple donations do not win you the game!

Four board games that were played this Sunday
(Colckwise from top-left) Walking through Japan in Tokaido, building railroads across the USA in Ride the Rails, getting across the river in River Dragons, the peloton is split in Flamme Rouge

After lunch we played my choice, Ride the Rails. ‘A’ has a good head for maths and seems a natural at this. We all tried really hard to maximise our scores and get in our opponents’ ways but nothing could stop ‘A’s score marker from leaving us way behind! Another victory to the teen!

Sarah wanted to play her favourite: Flamme Rouge. ‘A’ had never played but the rules are so simple that we were up and running (cycling?) in ten minutes. Despite the young ‘un declaring she wasn’t sure which cards she should play, she got into a strong position mid-way. The last hill proved the deciding factor as cyclists were left behind and some who were up front faltered and dropped out. Another win for ‘A’ with Sarah a close second. Due to an inopportune hand of exhaustion cards, neither of my cyclists crossed the line. 🙁

So ‘A’ had cleared up with three wins out of three! We had some time left so she asked if we could play something that she hadn’t played since she was a little girl – River Dragons. We were up for it so a quick set up and rules refresher and we were off. And it was great fun! I managed to win this one but there was total carnage for half an hour. Very enjoyable and lovely to hear my daughter say what fond memories she had of that game. Makes a Dad’s heart want to burst! 😀

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