2021 Gaming Challenge – Part 3: Joint Pick

Finally, here is the game that was jointly chosen by us to round off the challenge…

Sarah has written a nice piece to explain how we chose this as our joint game, so I’ll not ramble anymore. Take it away, Sarah!

The joint choice for our 2021 Gaming Challenge


Because we had no crossover with our game choices this year, the only solution was to see what games we had left on our lists and then roll a die to determine our joint pick. I’m glad it was Parks – the game is absolutely beautiful and it is always a treat to play. I think playing it as part of our challenge will increase the competitiveness – it’ll be interesting to see if we play differently.

So that’s it. Let the Bumper Gaming Challenge commence. We are currently back in lockdown and the weather is cold and wet, so it feels great to have something to focus on and enjoy doing together. This year, the victory burger is just an added bonus for one of us! I can’t wait to get playing!


Thank you, Sarah. As always, I will try and post updates on this blog. I do keep a Geeklist on BoardGameGeek so you can always check that out to see how we are doing against each other. It can be found here: https://www.boardgamegeek.com/geeklist/281058/15x-best-three-2021

Let the games begin!

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