2021 Gaming Challenge – Part 1: Jobby’s Picks

It’s a new year and a new gaming challenge. Time to unveil the first part of our picks, here’s Jobby’s choices…

Year of the Mega Challenge!

After doing remarkably badly in last year’s challenge (I lost 8-2!) it’s time to dust myself off and prepare to do battle with my wife once more.

This year, we got a bit giddy with the possibilities and declared that we would play no less than 15 matches! The winner’s burger is going to be so juicy! 😀Without further ado, here’s my picks for the year.

Jobby’s pick of games for our 2021 Gaming Challenge


An interesting 2-player only game that’s always been fun for Sarah and me. It starts of small and simple(ish) but as the map expands and each player starts trying to dig bigger temples the smell of bacon caused by overheating brains begins.


The first time we played this our noodles were blown. There just seemed to be so much going on. We’ve played it a few times now and have got it worked out so now it’s time to prove who’s best!


This was actually a Christmas present to me from Sarah. We had one game and both immediately grokked it so I thought it would make an excellent challenge game. Looking forward to using the four elements to ensnare my wife!

Magnificent Flying Machines

A game that I don’t think has had enough love in our house. After checking the two player variant wasn’t too onerous I put this on the list. It is a race game, though, and historically I don’t do well at race games…

Ora Et Labora

I always have to get a big Uwe game into the challenge. This is this year’s. Having recently sorted all the pieces into a plastic organiser I’m raring to play this again! We’ve only ever played this two player so it seems to work very well. Let’s see who can make the most wine!


I was honestly shocked that Sarah didn’t choose this herself but there you are. I guess we’ll switch who plays dinos each game, or loser chooses, or something. I’ve noticed that the more we play the tighter and more tense the games are getting. This will provide some good comptetition.

The Taverns of Tiefenthal

We both really enjoy this game (though I swear Sarah wins more than me). I have stipulated that we must play with all the modules as the game feel a lot more of a game to me that way. I’m looking forward to running the best pub!

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