Millie – A Lady of a Cat

Jobby says “Goodbye” to a well-loved friend…

In my last post I wrote about two new cats that Sarah and I have living with us. This is happy news. Alas, it was preceeded by some very sad news and it has taken me this long to feel I can write it.

Before we had Hurley and Charlie in our life we had a single cat, Millie. She came to us from someone who was moving and their new home wouldn’t be suitable for their cat. I’ve had cats all of my life but I’d never had one like her!

Millie, c2005-2020

She was tiny (less than 3Kg), fluffy and beautiful. She was black, really black. Black fur, black whiskers, even black pads on her paws. When Millie looked at you it was like two giant, green saucers staring at you from a hole torn from the very fabric of reality. The photos on this page have been adjusted so some details will actually show!

As I said, she was beautiful and everyone who saw her for the first time went in for a stroke. If we didn’t warn them in time they often found out how white and sharp Millie’s claws were! Beautiful she may have been but she did not appreciate people and she soon got a reputation for having an attitude. Visitors soon learned to stay well away and admire Millie’s baleful glare from afar.

Millie could be a bit prickly even with Sarah and I. We had to be careful about the mood she was in or we would end up on the receiving end of her scimitar-sharp claws. However, she definitely did show us love in some of the things she did.

Millie, c2005-2020

Millie would always be at the door when I came home from work. She was a very chatty cat and when I came in we’d tell each other about our days. She was a very fussy cat and had managed to train me to give her treats before dinner. I used this as an opportunity to teach her to count. We never made it passed four.

When bed time rolled around Millie would herd us, repeatedly circling us until we got the message and went to bed. Then she would hop on the bed and lay between my ankles to have a bath. Once she was satisfied her humans were settled satisfactorily she would hop off and go and terrorize the night.

You’ve probably noticed this has all been written in the past tense. In the middle of 2019 Millie was diagnosed with kidney disease. While this is common in older cats it was still very sad. Millie battled the disease and most of the time she was so sprightly that we forgot anything was wrong. However, in 2020 she had a couple of dips and the second dip proved to be too much. On 12th March, after ten years with us, we had to say fairwell to Millie.

This was the hardest thing we’ve had to do in a long time. She was such a small cat but Millie had been such a big part of our lives. Even though we now have Hurley and Charlie we still miss her terribly. This post is my way of saying goodbye to the most amazing, regal, majestic, gorgeous cat ever.

Goodbye Millie. Here’s hoping that they’re feeding you the good stuff in the afterlife!

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