…and possibly #BeMoreCharlie, too!

Wow! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? How are you coping in the new normal of a pandemic covered world? Luckily, no-one I know has contracted COVID-19. I work in IT, though, so I was really busy when the UK first went into lockdown. I’ve been so busy since and not really found time to write on my blog.

Here I am, then, writing my first entry for a while. I thought I would return from hiatus with some happy news in our life. Just after lockdown began we received two cats from a rescue shelter, a pair of two year old boys!

Like all good recipients of new cats, we immediately changed their names. One cat was ‘normal sized’, whilst the other is a really big cat. So we had to call them Charlie and Hurley, after two of our favourite LOST characters.

Hurley and Charlie, the most glamorous characters from LOST.

It soon became apparent that Charlie is the really chilled-out of the two. He loves being around people and getting in your face. He enjoys trying new food: dry breakfast cereal, fennel, raspberries. Anything goes! Plus, sprawling out on board games is no end of fun!

Reading is so hard. Much better to sleep on the books!

Hurley is more reserved and likes to find a quiet place to curl up and sleep, waking up only to steal ham from the fridge or pork pies from your plate!

Great Western Trail is very good. The box is a bit small, though.

I soon started posting photos of them on Twitter and Facebook with the hashtags BeMoreCharlie and BeMoreHurly. I want to remind people that even though the world is going to pot, we should all take a little time to relax and try to let the worries wash over us a little.

Be more relaxed, #BeMoreCharlie
Worn out from playing, time to sleep. #BeMoreHurley

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