The Wind in Our Hair

Jobby and Sarah continue their gaming challenge with a cycling contest…

I’m sure Sarah won’t mind me telling you that cycling is her weakest event in triathlons (yup, Sarah does triathlons!). She’s fine with running and great at swimming but somehow getting the best out of a metal frame with two revolving circles foxes her. Odd, then, that Flamme Rouge is one of her favourite games!

For this game we were playing with both expansions: we used a track from the Peloton expansion which had cobbles in it and we used the weather from the Meteo expansion.

This game was Sarah’s choice so her riders, wearing bright read, positioned themselves first taking the standard rouleur in front with the sprinter behind. My guys, garbed in black, line up next to them in the same configuration.

From the off Sarah was leading the pack. In Flamme Rouge this can be a risky thing to do as your bicycle riders get tired and then don’t have any oommph for when it matters. I let her take off but a couple of miscalculations left my sprinter dawdling far behind the pack. I had to waste a valuable 9 card to get him back in the running.

The head-wind from Meteo split the pack up midway through the race. With no drafting the riders split apart and then had to struggle to get back together again during the next corners. The red devils were confidentally leading although the night riders kept threatening to steal the lead. Sarah was reluctant to give up her positioning. She tried to drop back a little to conserve energy but it may have been too late.

As we rounded the last corners my rouleur pulled ahead. Sarah desperately willed her cyclists on but just kept drawing exhaustion cards. My sprinter had long fallen behind again by now but only one rider needs to cross that line to win the race!

With the finish line in sight, I found a good card for my lead man and confidentally zoomed across the line. Sarah’s sprinter made a mad dash but only managed to find the space next to my rider. Victory to Jobby!

Final score: Jobby win, Sarah lose

Game to Jobby

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