Toothy Terror

What connects the dentist with Xenomorphs? Read on…

The Pain! The Pain!

I’ve been in a lot of pain this past week. A tooth which I thought I had got sorted decided it would get infected and flare up. I had brought my regular dental appointment forward and thought I could stand the pain until then. Boy was I wrong!

In the end an emergency appointment was called for. I made my way over to my dentist’s about an hour away; it’s in the town I work in rather than the town I live in. I’m used to rush hour traffic so got there far too early so I had a wander around town and fell into my local Forbidden Plant. I was very happy I did! Unassumingly hidden on the shelf was this gem (apologies for the poor photo):

It’s soo beautiful!

I have been on the lookout for this since seeing Free League’s stand at UKGE 2019 and seeing the enormous display they had for it. It’s not appeared in any other shops near me that sell RPGs and it’s even not on Amazon. After clearing my guilty concience with Sarah I bought it.

It’s been giving my morphine-addled mind something lovely to read. It’s very different to the RPG manuals of yore that I read. It’s colourful, and glossy, and has beautiful artwork and the rules are refreshingly simple.

I’m only halfway through reading the book but already my friends are clamouring for a game of it. Happily there are special rules for one-shot, or ‘Cinematic’, play so I haven’t got to write up adventures. I’ll be sure to post up a play report here when we do play it!

Until then, stay frosty!

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