Finding Lost Cities

Jobby and Sarah begin their gaming challenge of 2020. First up Lost Cities the Board Game

How Do You Lose A City, Anyway?

2020 has started and Sarah and I have picked our 11 games for our annual gaming challenge. With the games picked we thought we’d best get started playing them! First up is Lost Cities the Board Game, one of Sarah’s picks.

As Sarah mentioned in my introduction of this year’s games, the two of us normally play the card game version of this. The board version is almost identical: players lay cards in ascending order to advance along five coloured expeditions. The difference here is there are more cards (as the game handles more players), and there are special tokens to collect on the tracks. Also, the game is played over three hands.

I see that the last time I mentioned here about playing this game, Sarah was Queen of Artefacts amassing a huge number for a really big bonus. Oh, how different this game was!

During the first hand I got a really big lead on the artefacts with Sarah struggling to pick any up. Then, in the subsequent hands, I just made sure I kept a little ahead of her. I feel the artefacts can be key to a big score in this game. Also, the game punishes you with scoring penalties for not collecting enough.

This bridge looks a bit rickety and this guy looks quite big. I’m sure it’s safe!

Pushing the Big Guy Hard

Another key in this game is pushing your big explorer really far. The big figure scores the player double points (a bit like a wager card in the original card game). I noticed that we both used the bonus move actions to get our big guy further and further up the track. Some of the normal pieces were even getting left behind in our quest to push our big guys.

As always, I enjoy the race element of this game. It also has a feature that I really like in games: the players have the power to end the game. In Lost Cities the Board Game, the hand ends when five pieces have crossed the bridges. I tried to use this to good effect, particularly in the last hand where Sarah seemed confident of her cards and I had very little left. I just shut the game down and got that last guy over the bridge.

In just under 1 hour we had found all the cities we were going to and did the final adding up of our point tokens. Final scores: Sarah 530, me 560.

Game to Jobby!

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