Adventuring In Gloomhaven – Part 1

We straightaway run into another couple of archers guarding a big door. They have set traps in the floor in front of them so I use a hook and line to drag one of the women into the trap. That sets the tone for this little fight that is soon over. But we are both feeling strange. A couple of blows that should have landed missed. It must be the evil that hangs in the air!

With a sense of trepidation we push open the door. We find ourselves on the threshold of a large, hexagonal room. There are three large coffins here and our quarry stands behind the one furthest from us. There is another lady with a large bow who seems to be acting as a bodyguard.

Terence lets off another contraption while Crud dawdles.

Immediately I release another one of my contraptions and the bandit leader takes an interest in it right away. As he gets closer I see his eyes have a dark malevolence about them. “Would you want to know more about the Gloom?” he thunders as he charges forwards. Personally, I don’t think I do and a well aimed poisoned dart finds its mark in his neck.

Crud bounds into the room and stampedes towards the leader. He makes contact and pushes the leader into one of the coffins. It crumbles under their combined weight and the red-skinned man obviously felt that! I begin sneaking round the coffin nearest me towards the girl with the bow, planning to close the gap.

Suddenly there is a blur and the leader is at the door to my left. Laughing like a man possessed he pushes the door open and turns to keep fighting us. Suddenly I find myself face-face with two dead men! They must be dead for the flesh is falling from their bodies and they leave a putrescent trail of slime behind them as they shamble towards me!

I dart back, firing my crossbow at them. I shoot a net at the nearest walking corpse and the leader which holds them down while I get some distance. Once more, Crud is by my side. He might not have mastered the elements but he puts them to use as he summons a great rock filled wind to shower our foes with. Then he makes a great crater appear to finish the leader off.

With the leader down we soon finish our enemies, keeping well out of reach of the second loathsome dead man until we can dispatch him. We can hear noises behind the other doors but they are locked. We decide to rummage through a few piles of rubbish in the room and find little of interest save a piece of parchment. It has a map on it with an area that has been labelled “Gloom”. Interesting. We find Jekserah’s paper’s and since that is all we came for we elect to leave the locked doors alone.

Returning to Gloomhave is uneventful. We soon find Jekserah who is true to her word and pays us our money. She is impressed with us enough that she offers us another job. This will require us to venture in Dagger Forest. So now we have a choice – do we travel to the area marked on the bandits’ map or do we go into the forest? Jekserah says we can think on it for now so we head to the inn to quench our thirst and plan our next move. To be continued

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