Adventuring In Gloomhaven – Part 1

Jobby has started playing Gloomhaven with his mate Rob. Here’s the story so far…

Author’s note: I will be writing up my Gloomhaven adventures from the perspective of the character I’m playing. Due to the near-RPG quality of Gloomhaven this seems to make sense and it gives me a chance to stretch my creative legs.

Oh, and there will be spoilers – you’ve been warned!

Leaving Gloomhaven

Hello. My name is Terence. I’m a Quatryl and like many of my kind I’m something of a tinkerer. You see, we are small in size so we have learnt to make up for that with our brains. We really enjoy making and toying with gadgets and also brewing up potions. That last bit is probably how I got my nickname, ‘Terence the Odorous’.

I was fairly happy in Gloomhaven but then the sickness arrived in my neighbourhood. What seemed like a simple cough soon became much worse. People started dying. Before I knew it my grandfather had died of this disease. I loved my grandfather. When I became an adult he gave me a wonderous pair of goggles that make everything so clear.

I can’t bear to see any more people die of this disease. The elders tell me I will need to search beyond Gloomhaven to find a cure. This I will do, I will leave the city and find what I need to help my friends and family. But I need to find money.

I have found a companion who also wants to see the world beyond our home. He tells me his name is Crud Sod Slinger. It’s a funny name but he is very different from me. He is a Savvas, tall and strong looking but seems much slower than my nimble self. He tells me he is a Cragheart. Something about being exiled from his people for not being able to master the elements. Seems harsh to me but with his brawn and my speed I think we should be able to handle ourselves in the wild.

We are making our way through the city when our purses are pickpocketed by a little Vermling! He disappears into the sewers before we have a chance to catch him. The joke is on the him, though, as the purses were empty!

We then stumble into a woman, Jekserah, who wants to hire a couple of people. She needs some papers recovering that were stolen from her by bandits. She tells us the bandit has very distinctive red skin. For this she is willing to pay us 10 gold each. This sounds like our way out of Gloomhaven so we agree. She gives us directions to Dark Barrow, where the bandits are hiding out. I don’t like the sound of this. Aren’t barrows where they bury lots of dead people?

On the road to the barrow, the ground gives way and we find ourselves in a deep pit with passages leading away. Both Crud and I are curious so we light up torches and go looking. We find a strange metal sphere but nothing else. We manage to clamber out of the pit and continue unaccosted to Dark Barrow.

Crud and Terence enter Dark Barrow.

As we descend into the barrow we see a group of bandits. The red-skinned man is with them. He orders the other three to deal with us as he runs away down a corridor and through a door. The leader of these three seems delighted to have something interesting to do and looks forward to relieving us of our purses. Little does he know that we’ve lost them already!

We’re outnumbered so I reach into my pack and pull out a little contraption. It runs across the floor and grabs the attention of the bandits who immediately surround it. It’s quite harmless but they don’t know that and they begin beating the poor contraption.

The distraction enables Crud and myself to sneak around them to fight them from behind. They are much tougher than I expected and take many darts from the little crossbow I have strapped to my wrist. Crud soon lives up to his name, though. He appears to be one with the earth as he pulls up large stones and hurls them at the bandits. Then he closes with them and starts pummelling them with his fists.

Crud and Terence attack the bandits from behind.

The poort bandits barely get a chance to retaliate. We loot their corpses and go into the corridor the red-skinned bandit went down. There’s more bandits here. I stun the nearest one with a special dart. Crud barges into another pushing him into a trap. The man screams as it closes on his legs. An arrow catches my armour drawing my attention to a woman with a bow at the end of the corridor. Leaving Crud to finish the bandits, I charge down the corridor at the archer.

I soon close on her and it becomes immediately apparent that she has no arms suitable for melee. I keep her on the back foot and make short work of her, all the while I can hear sickening noises of crunching bones behind me. Crud is certainly a force to be reckoned with.

We burst through the door into another room. Still no sign of the bandit leader but there’s a couple of archers and… I knew I should be worried. We find a couple of animated skeletons skittering towards us. I knew a barrow was a bad place to go looking for adventure!

Crud seems undeterred. As he clashes with a skeleton he tells me to deal with the archers. I close the gap quickly and surprise them with my trusty flamethrower! It’s take some time to refuel but this seems a good point to use it. I manage to immobilise one of the archers and poison another. As I am duelling with one, Crud appears by my side and finished the other.

We look at each other and take a breath. Alas, what with the old corpses around here, joined by a couple of newer ones, the breath is not a nice one but at least we are still breathing! Feeling more recovered and prepared we go down the stairs where the leader must have escaped to.

Terence tries to get away from an animated corpse.

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