Square Card Principality

Both players' cards at the end of a game of Catan Card Game. The top player has lots of cities, the other player doesn't have much.

Jobby and Sarah finally get back on with their 2019 challenge. Time for Catan Card Game…

Catan For Two

Sarah and I realised that we’re over half way through 2019 and we haven’t managed to finish the first round of our Best of Three challenge. One evening we had a bit of time spare so we played another game. This time it was Catan Card Game, a two player only reworking of the classic Settlers of Catan.

Just like in its older, bigger, brother, the aim of this game is to reach a number of points before your opponent, 12VP in this game. Points are awarded for building towns, upgrading the towns to cities and for certain buildings within the towns/cities. There is also a Knight token which goes to the player with the strongest army of knights and a Commerce token which goes to the player who has the most commerce symbols in their principality.

My hopes were not high for winning this game. Out of ten previously recorded plays I have only won twice (and that includes a play against my daughter!) Well, this was a challenge play so I was going to try my damnedest to win!

Expand! Expand! Expand!

The game started as normal. Each player racing to get two clay and a wood to build a road and then get one each of clay, wood, wool and wheat to build a settlement. Just like Settlers, building a settlement increases the resources a player is likely to get. There is so much about this game that is a race. There are only five extra settlements available so normally one player will get three extra and the other will get two. The person with the three extra has a massive resource advantage. I’m not saying that it’s unwinnable for the other player but it does make things difficult!

Immediately things were looking good for Sarah. I was always a step behind her in terms of expansion. She’d build a road, then I would, then she’d have a new settlement and then I would. I just couldn’t catch up.

Also, unsurprisingly, Sarah got the Knight token early on. As usual I left her with it since I can’t be bothered to pay out the resources to ‘build’ a knight and am always tempted with buildings.

I built a gold fleet early on as gold is quite useless without a way of trading it at a good rate. That didn’t seem to help much, though, and certainly didn’t make up for my lack of expansion. I tried building libraries to increase my hand size (and therefore my options). The habits of an old-time Magic player are hard to break! Despite having options I didn’t really see much to help.

Meanwhile, on the opposite side of the table, Sarah was happily upgrading those towns into cities. This theoretically increased her slots for erecting buildings. I don’t think she was drawing anything interesting, though, as she just kept upgrading city after city.

Seeing her board fill up with cities I desperately tried to find a way of scoring points. I drew the Colossus of Catan which is worth a whopping two points on its own! Remember, the goal is to get to 12 VP.

This was nowhere near enough, though. Sarah took a confident final turn of upgrading her last town and then building a red card worth a point. Final score: Sarah 12VP, me 9VP.

Sarah’s city filled principality (top) looks far more impressive than my feeble attempt (bottom)

Current Standings

So that was another game played in our 2019 Best of Three Challenge. I see it’s been a while since I last blogged about this challenge so here are the current standings. Remember, we’ve only played each game once so no-one has won a match yet.

Games won: Sarah 4, Jobby 5

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