UK Games Expo 2019 in Pictures

Jobby and Sarah are standing in front of the entrance to Hall 1. Jobby is holding up his pass. Both look excited.

Jobby and Sarah spent three great days at UKGE19. Here’s some photos of their adventures…

Jobby and Sarah are standing in front of the entrance to Hall 1. Jobby is holding up his pass. Both look excited.
We’ve got our passes and are ready to go in to Hall 1. The excitement is palpable!
Giant cards are stacked on top of each other making a skyscraper. A child is adding one more card.
Some children were playing a giant version of Rhino Hero Super Battle. It’s great to see so many kids at the Expo!
Cards with in game goals on are scattered across the table. There is a notepad with a grid on the left and dinosaur pictures on the right. Some dice and a pencil are in the photo.
Player mat and objective cards for Dino Park. The pencil lines didn’t show up very well!
Picture of the box cover of The Mind with Sarah's face in place of the usual face.
Sarah has the power of The Mind!
Jobby standing in front of a Fog of Love poster that depicts the silhouette of a many (presumably attractive). Jobby is adopting the same pose as the poster.
See that guy on the Fog of Love poster? Definitely modelled on Jobby. Definitely.
Hexagonal tiles, rectangular playing board, plastic monsters, wooden meeples and discs.
An early prototype of Dwellings of Eldervale. I was fascinated by the combo of plastic miniatures and wooden meeples but I don’t know what the final version will be like!
A player's board in Chocolate Factory. The four conveyor belt tiles have only basic chocolate blocks on them.
My factory struggled to do anything more than spit out chunks of raw chocolate. Sad times in Chocolate Factory.
Main board of Museum. There are pairs of face up cards at different locations. One location has a sign saying "Closed". A player's board in the background has lots of cards arranged on it.
The main board of Museum. This card drafting/set collection game was getting a lot of attention all weekend!
Dust in the Wings board shown with red, blue and yellow butterfly tokens scattered across it. The butterflies are in squares on a grid. There are cards with butterflies pictured on them running down one side of the board.
Dust in the Wings looks lovely and plays like a really stripped down version of Five Tribes.
Cards are laid out on a white board with the word Villagers across the middle. Cards are orientated toward each player and are stack in columns of same colour cards.
It seemed like everybody at UKGE19 wanted to play Villagers. We managed to get a demo and it does look lovely!
Main board and some player boards of The Artemis Project. There are dice of different colours, lots of cards, and tokens such as yellow cubes and blue extruded octagons. The main board has a picture of a frozen planet.
Terraforming Europa in The Artemis Project, a rather neat dice placement game.
A player's board from The Artemis Project. There are five yellow, six-sided dice showing two 1s and three 2s. There are clear yellow cubs and blue ocatgons on the board. There is a little card with some small wooden people on it.
My player board in The Artemis Project – I did some spectacularly low dice rolling!
Sheet of paper with pictures of cat scratchers and cats on it. The scratchers have numbers (1-6) on the various levels. The player has drawns cat toys on the levels in black, wipe-clean marker.
Placing cat toys on cat scratchers in our demo of Cat Café.
Close up of the board of Koi. There are purple, wooden dragonflie tokens laying on cardboard lillypad tokens. Some woodn fish can be seen in the background.
This dragonfly feels nervous with all the Koi swimming around!
Four wooden boards shown with a 4x4 grid of squares carved into each. There is a dark wooden board and a light wooden board close to the viewer, then a rope and then two more boards (one dark, one light). Black and white stones lie on some of the squares of the boards.
So simple but Shogu’s rules are truly beautiful!
Jobby and Rob both look very thoughtful while looking at four small wooden boards with black and white stones on them.
Such simple rules but Jobby and Rob had their brains turned to yoghurt by Shogu!
A central board shows three rows of tiles. There are some wooden tokens on the tiles in the players' colours. A row of circular tiles run across the top of the board showing player actions.
Learning the basics of civilisation in Tribes: Dawn of Humanity.
A grid of tiles is laid out with pastel coloured wooden pieces on some of the tiles. There are silkworms, sheepdog/goat things and shepherds, There's also a mean looking black animal.
Lots of lovely pastel coloured sheep, er… silkworms, in Silk.
Lots of wooden silkworms piled on a board with a picture of a cave. The silkworms are in the players' colours - purple, green, yellow and brown.
So many silkworms for the Ookami for feast on! We were playing mean!
Players' boards and pieces for the game Villainous. There is a gold lamp and an apple with a skull around it.
Playing our demo of Villainous in the tent (lantern and skull apple sold separately)
Picture from the cover of the official Alien RPG. A person in a spacesuit stands in from of the Xenomorph which has its tail curled over it's head.
Ooh, ooh, ooh! So pretty!
Lots of white, square, plastic tiles with animals printed on are arranged in a grid. Some are missing. A couple of wooden pawns represent the players' positions in the game.
Hopping from animal to animal in Bumuntu.
A player's board which has a couple of cards showing people placed below it and some cards showing seals above it. There are also some face down cards above the board.
Beating up the opponents and hunting seals, that’s how I play Inuit (and I lost!)
Main board of Namiji. This is obviously a prototype as the board looks like it was printed on an office printer and is made of four piecese. There is a track with coloured dots on around the outside. Decks of cards are there and some tokens are scattered face down.
We demo’d the prototype of Namiji, Tokaido’s spiritual successor about fishing.
Prototype player board from Namiji. The main area is a net divided into a grid on which fish tokens have been placed. There are a couple of tokens that look like paper boats along the bottom and a picture of a boat on the right.
My player board during Namiji. I think I’m filling my net up well!

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