Our First Visit to the Bury St Edmunds Board Games Group

It was getting late now but the Clank!sters had finished their game and were packing up. Someone suggested a little Tsuro to round off the evening which everyone assented to.

It has been years since I last played Tsuro and it was more fun than I remember. I suspect this had to do with having eight players. In this game each player plays a tile next to their dragon and moves their dragon as far along the path as they can. If their tile also connects to another player’s dragon then that dragon is moved, too. If a player goes off the board they are eliminated and if they bump into another player then both players are eliminated. It only takes 5-10 minutes to play and can be a bit of fun.

Tsuro with eight players? What madness is this? Carnage ensued…

Sure enough, with eight people playing it wasn’t long before all the dragons merged into a giant tangled mess in the middle of the board. Then, somehow, they whizzed past each other and were slung off the edges of the board much like Voyager II slingshotting its way past Jupiter (or something).

It was all over so quickly that just dealt out the tiles and played again. We gave the first game victory to Dan (he collided with me with his last tile but had played more tiles than me so…) and I won the second game.

After that Sarah and I made our excuses and left with many a handshake and many a “See you next week!”

As we drove back along those Suffolk roads with the moon high in the sky we both reflected on what a good night we’d had. We met some really lovely people who had all been very friendly. We’d played some great games. I’d even managed to get a bit of Craig’s birthday cake! All-in-all a great night.

We drove along the dark country roads to our own sleepy little village and wondered how we ever thought tonight was like a horror film. As I opened our back door there was movement in the shadows and a dark, fluffy shaped darted swiftly towards us…

“Mrow, row, row!” muttered our cat, which roughly translated as “Where the bluddy hell have you been? And what time do you call this?”

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