It’s Been a While…

The pace of life seems to have accelerated recently. Jobby recounts some of what has been going on…

A Change is as Good as a Rest

Has it really been just over two months since I last blogged here? Wow! Well, from my perspective it’s not surprising, really. There has been quite a lot going on in my life recently.

The biggest thing has probably been a change of job. I’ve moved from one of the Cambridge colleges to another one and while I’m staying in IT I have had quite a big change in role.

For the past twenty years I’ve basically been doing user support with some project work thrown in on the side. That’s been good and fine and has paid the bills. However, I was beginning to feel like it was getting a bit same-y. Dare I say it? A bit boring.

So, along with the change of employer, I have had a change in direction of my career and moved into network and server support. This has meant I’ve been needing to learn a lot of things and fast. Some of this learning has been happening in my own time and has put a bit of a dent in my free time.

Run, Jobby, Run!

This time of year is normally a bit quieter for me on the running front. I will have run a half marathon in March and then my training (and fitness) generally peters off a bit until near the end of the year when I realise I’ve got to do it again in March.

This year, Sarah and I have chosen to run another half marathon in November. This means I am in full training mode right now. Pounding the pavement a few times a week and building up those miles again. Interestingly, my pace seems to have quickened and I believe this ties in with my change of job.

You see, at my previous work place there was a bit of a culture of bringing in snacks to the office and sharing them round. At my new work, there’s no such culture which means I haven’t been eating as much crap as I used to. Consequently I have lost quite a bit of weight. Weighing less makes running easier (it’s less work!) and so I think that has had the knock-on effect of my speed going up. My normal 5Km times have been within a gnat’s whisker of my personal best(PB) and this very morning, before coming in to work, I knocked over 2 minutes off my 10Km PB! I have high hopes for November’s half marathon.

I Do

I’m sure it’s been mentioned on here before but Sarah and I are getting married in the first half of next year. As the big day gets closer and closer more and more things seem to need doing, or approving, or planning or even scrapping and starting over. This seems to have got the two of us busier and busier. As much as we didn’t want to become that couple who always talked about our wedding, that’s what we are becoming!

On the bright side, we did recently have an engagement shoot with our photographer (John Woodward, Although he obviously hasn’t shot the big day yet, I think we’d certainly recommend him. He’s such a good laugh he just made both of us feel completely comfortable in front of the lens. Which might explain photos like this:

Sarah and Bryan clowning around on their engagement shoot. (Photograph by John Woodward,


Of course, we have been playing games. We’ve been keeping up with our 2018 11x Best of Three Challenge, it’s very close but there’s not going to be much round 3! We also had a good games day with some friend which I’m hoping to write about soon on here.

So, apologies for not writing as much as recently. Life has been busy and when it gets a bit more normal I hope to increase my output on this site.

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