My Partner is Better Than Yours!

Photograph of Sarah with a little, plastic dinosar which is sat on a cardboard mountain.

With that tongue-in-cheek title, Jobby proves to the world why Sarah is the best board game fiancée there is…

The Best

It’s late, we’re at a party and we’ve both had a bit too much to drink. That corner of the floor is looking increasingly comfortable to me. I could just lay down there and close my eyes for a little while… just a little while…

Then Tina Turner’s powerful voice fills the room with The Best and I groan a little. Sarah has got to the music system and stuck on her favourite drunk song. Conversely, despite the song title, Tina’s overplayed cover of Bonnie Tyler’s song is not her best and Sarah’s insistence on playing it when she’s a bit tipsy is not why I think Sarah is the best, either.

This blog post is going to cover some of why I think Sarah is the best!

“You Don’t Need to Buy Another Board Game!”

Ah! So many users on BoardGameGeek cry out on the forums that their partner berates them about buying too many board games. Often they have to negotiate some kind of deal with said partner. Perhaps they can only spend so much per month, begging like a teenager for an extension on their pocket money when the new hotness is announced…

Maybe they are allowed to buy a game but only if they sell another one first, mutating their game library into some kind of weird conveyor belt where games are bought, played and then disposed of before repeating the process ad nauseum

Some report to resorting to drastic measures such as leaving new purchases in the car and waiting for their other half to be out of the house . Then sneaking those shrink-wrapped lovelies in and gently squeezing them onto the shelves, all the while praying that the partner never notices.

Me? I have no such issues. In fact, I sometimes have to restrain Sarah. She has been known to buy a game just because her car failed its MOT! There is very little ‘me’ and ‘her’ in our collection. However, she understands when I want to pick up Comancheria, knowing that it’s a solo game that she would have zero interest in. Likewise, I’m fine with her picking up Smugglers because she wants to roll little gems encased in balls of plasticine down a ramp (really!).

Photograph of several games stacked on a table. Games include The Climbers, Hogwarts Battle, Iquazu, Petrichor, Santorini, Topiary, Mini Rails, Okiya, Upstream, Herbaceous, Skull, A.D.A.P.T. and Indian Summer
Our recent Expo haul shows Sarah is as much of a games buyer as I am!

Not for us the labelling of board games as semi-contraband!

It’s too Heavy for Her


Ahem. This is another cry oft-seen on BoardGameGeek. “I can’t play that with my other half. It’s too heavy for them!” or “What games would you recommend that I can play with my partner? They’re not really a gamer so nothing too heavy!”

I think this is such a shame. Sarah is my favourite opponent and I’m so happy that she’ll play just about anything with me. Our yearly Best of 11 challenge has included some pretty meaty games and Sarah always provides a worthy opponent (and often completely clobbers me!)

I have found a couple of Sarah’s limits. She refuses to play Greenland. Not because it’s too heavy or complicated but rather because one of the biomes that can be hunted is baby seals. I guess that is fair enough, although I do keep pointing out to her that she wouldn’t have to hunt the baby seals!

Alas, this game is not for Sarah.

Sekigahara: The Unification of Japan seems to be another game that is beyond Sarah’s limit. Apparently she’s really not interested in giving block wargames a go. Medieval warfare simply doesn’t interest her.

So, that’s two games out of our library of about 250+ games so I think we’re doing okay!

Addicted to Board Games

As you’re reading this you’re probably realising that Sarah doesn’t just play games but she is also really into ‘the hobby’. She’ll happily sit and watch a number of Shut Up & Sit Down videos in a row with me. She always makes sure we catch the board game news with Chris Bryan every week.

She lurks on BoardGameGeek (she’s sparkin84) although I can’t seem to cajole her into posting very much. And she sometimes listens to board gaming podcasts (in between listenings of Desert Island Discs).

If I’m feeling down she’ll get me playing a game with her and that always cheers me up!

She doesn’t like shopping for clothes but she loves browsing games shops.

Sarah is nearly as addicted to board games as I am!

Sarah is the Best!

“… better than all the rest!” wails Tina as I succumb to the seductive lure of that corner of the room. I lay my head down and smile to myself. Yeah, Sarah is the best. She’s strutting her stuff now to her favourite warbler and looks as happy as you like. In the morning we’ll both have a cup of tea and settle into one of our challenge games whereupon the her really competitive streak will come out. Until then, I’m just going to doze here happy that I have the best board gaming partner in the world!

Sarah and Jobby happy with their UKGE passes.

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