In Pictures: UK Games Expo 2018

Photograph of Hall 1 of the Birmingham NEC. There are many stalls surrounded by thousands of people. A big sign for Warhammer is visible.

Jobby and Sarah’s visit to UK Games Expo 2018 in pictures…

Tao Long: The Way of the Dragon in action. On one side are two dragons made up of three tiles each. On the other side is a mancala showing the actions players can take.
Dragons chasing each other around Heaven and Earth trying to kill each other in Tao Long: The Way of the Dragon.
Photograph of two rows of four cards each. The left hand row has grey cards all showing '2', the right hand row has coloured cards with different numbers.
Line up for the Orc-Lympics. Here a set of events, can you tell what they are?
Photograph showing
The beautifully simple but hard Okiya
Photograph of Megasado. Big white and black plastic castles are sitting on a multicoloured board.
Megasado – the big version of Kamisada.
Photograph of lots of plastic bunnies and castles on a colourful map.
Bunnies, bunnies, bunnies! Such a lovely game but such a pain to score up! Bunny Kingdom
Close up of two plastic dinosaurs from the game S.O.S. Dino
Louis and Freddie run to safety in S.O.S. Dino!
Photograph of S.O.S. Dino board with plastic dinosaur models and cardboard volcanos and cardboard mountains.
The four little dinos running for safety in S.O.S. Dino.
Photograph of Sarah with a little, plastic dinosar which is sat on a cardboard mountain.
Sarah is very happy we saved Louis! (S.O.S. Dino)
Luxor being played. Meeples are moving around a spiral of tiles towards central sarcophogi.
Luxor in action. There’s some nice things to like in this game but is it SdJ material?
A demo game of Petrichor in action. There are blue, yellow and red beads on tiles which show flowers.
It looks cute and fluffy but Petrichor is brutal (see also Photosynthesis)
Photo of a person's hand selecting a marble from a column of marbles. There are red, yellow, blue and black marbles.
Mixing marbles to make potions in Potion Explosion
Photo of card backs fanned out to look like peacock feathers.
Spend the entire game looking at a peacock’s butt in Pokoko
Dominoes with symbols on next to the game box. Two dice with similar symbols are off to one side.
Who has the fastest paws? Cobra Paw!
A game of Iquazui in action. There are strips of card painted like a waterfall with a gap in the middle. Gems are place in the gap.
The very beautiful IquazĂș. The window into the waterfall moves across as the game plays.
A prototype of the game Chocolate Factory. Most components are bits of paper with some wooden cubes.
The working prototype of Chocolate Factory. Those cubes are changed into other colour cubes which will fulfill contracts.
Photograph of Century: Eastern Wonders. Several tiles with pictures of coloured cubes have little wooden buildings on them in the players' colours. There is a ship for each player on the board.
We had to come back again and again to try this – Century: Eastern Wonders
Photograph of the prototype of Magnificent Flying Machines. Four cardboard standees of old-fashioned planes are on a board showing gound and sky. Some custom dice can be seen.
My plane (just above the mountain) coming in for a dodgy landing in Magnificent Flying Machines (prototype).
Photograph of a scenario card in Fog of Love. A card is show saying that the blue player has bought the pink player a birthday present. Blue has given a lazy weekend at home with games and pizza, pink wanted an antique brooch.
What lovely gift did I buy Sarah and what did she want? I was playing blue and she was playing pink. Fog of Love
Coloured numbers from 0-9 are stacked up on top of each other. There are about 3 levels.
Pretty numbers stacked up. The higher they are the more they are worth. NMBR9 was much harder than I thought it would be!
Photograph of several games stacked on a table. Games include The Climbers, Hogwarts Battle, Iquazu, Petrichor, Santorini, Topiary, Mini Rails, Okiya, Upstream, Herbaceous, Skull, A.D.A.P.T. and Indian Summer
Our purchases from the weekend plus a couple of free promos in font.

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