Bicycles, Monsters, Spice and Beer

Photograph of King of Tokyo showing two monsters invading Tokyo: Cthulhu and Boogie Woogie

Jobby has a day of playing board games with his ‘heavy game’ crew. Here’s how things went…

Cycling While Waiting

As usual, I had promised my friends that I would have the first game set up ready for their arrival. I like to do this to save time. Three of the guys were coming over on this day but each was making their own way. Martin cycled over (a distance of just over 20 miles, well done Martin!). As he was coming out of the shower, Ian arrived. No-one knew when Simon would be arriving other than ‘after lunch’. We agreed on a quick game of Flamme Rouge while we waited.

Sarah joined us for this. We’d all played before so we used the ascent and descent rules. I find these make the game far more interesting. With the basic rules, the riders tend to stick together in a pack but the hills lead to the pack getting broken up. Martin got the timing completely wrong with one of his riders who got left miles behind (look at the photo, he was playing black!).

Photograph showing a group of the Flamme Rouge playing pieces mid game. One piece is far behind in the distance.
We find the ascents and descents in Flamme Rouge help break up the pack, as neatly demonstrated by the rider in the distance!

I started at the rear of the pack and did my best to loiter somewhere in the middle for most of the race. As we tackled the last hill, I pulled my riders ahead. A well timed 9 card for my sprinter led to him leaving the pack behind. My all-rounder was able to keep up and draft off the sprinter. I was confident of a lead but my cards failed me as I made it for the finish, just 2s and 3s came up. My riders were touching the finish line with a reasonable lead when Sarah pulled a high card and her sprinter shot past to win the race! I was robbed!

Martin’s tailing rider? He had just started the last hill!

Monster Mayhem

Still no sign of Simon so we needed another quick game. Since Sarah had given me Cthulhu for King of Tokyo for Christmas I suggested that game. Everyone was happy with that. As we were unboxing components Simon arrived. KoT can play with five players so we all played.

Photograph of King of Tokyo showing two monsters invading Tokyo: Cthulhu and Boogie Woogie
Cthulhu rises out of Tokyo Bay whilst Boogie Woogie terrorises Tokyo City

Ian and Sarah were quick to hop into Tokyo. Ian was especially aggressive with choosing damage dice, at one point dealing out 4 damage to everyone’s monsters in one go! I concentrated on gathering points and staying alive.

Although we were playing with the Power Up! evolution decks, not many monsters evolved. It’s actually tricky to get the requisite three hearts when you’re also trying to do other things.

In the end I was the winner on points (no-one had died by that point). I did win in a slightly scummy way. After finding myself on 19 points, I realised that one of my cards gave me a point when I bought a card. I had enough energy to buy a card an get to 20 so I did, apologising for winning in such a way. The others didn’t mind and carried on playing to see who would come second (I believe it was Simon after killing off all the others).

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