Dice and Burgers

Photograph of a Byron's Smokey.

Jobby and Sarah play their last game in their 2017 Challenge and Sarah enjoys the victor’s spoils…

Building Castles

New Year’s Eve had arrived and to be honest I wasn’t feeling too great. I’d come down with a rotten case of the lurgy over Christmas and was coughing a lot whilst feeling very worn out. However, we did have one last game in our challenge to play. Although Sarah had won already, 6 matches to 4, I was interested to see if I could close the gap.

So we set up Castle Dice and got stuck into our last game. As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, this is a game about drafting dice to collect resources to spend on cards. It does seem quite a mean game, mean as in not very generous, and it’s hard to build up enough resources to buy many cards. Turn 1 was very like this – I only got one or two of a few resources and then, at the end of the turn, the Barbarians came and stole nearly everything!

As the game wore on, Sarah seemed to be struggling as well. She had bought plenty of villagers but seemed to be low on castle cards which actually score points. I had managed to erect three walls. These score nothing on their own but make it easier to build towers which are big points (well, 3 or 4 which is big in this game!).

As the final round drew close, I managed to get my two towers built (not those two towers!) while Sarah got a couple of castle chambers built. She got the points for most villagers and most animals but that wasn’t enough and I just managed to pip her by 1 point! Match to me! But still challenge to Sarah  with 6 matches won to my 5.

The Victor’s Spoils

As promised, then, I took Sarah out for a slap-up burger. We’re both burger fiends and there seems to be loads of burger places popping up in the UK at the moment. Sarah’s choice was to tuck into a Byron’s. There she was very happy with her Smokey.

Photograph of a Byron's Smokey.
The Byron Smokey. Luscious cheese, bacon and burger! Yum!

Well done, Sarah! A well deserved burger!

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