2018 11x Best of Three Challenge

Photo showing Last Will, K2, Yamatai, Dominion and Imhotep

They’re at it again… Jobby and Sarah limber up for this year’s challenge.

It’s Tradition!

I think we can now call it a tradition. This will be the third year that Sarah and I have done a 11x Best of Three challenge. For those that aren’t aware, this is where we select 11 games between us and play best of three matches for each game. We normally play each game on the list once, then go through the list again, and then play any games that need a decider a third time. Whilst doing that, I will be doing my best to report back here about the plays.

Below are the games we chose and why we chose them.

Jobby’s List

A photograph of 7 Wonders Duel, Kachina, Ra, and Le Havre
The games I chose for our 2018 Best of Three challenge

1. 7 Wonders Duel

I really do love a game of 7 Wonders, but it doesn’t play well with two. Luckily there is 7 Wonders Duel which is designed specifically for two players. I feel this still plays well and Sarah and I tend to be well matched so this should be an entertaining game.

2. Kachina

I always have to have a bit of a random game in my list and this is this year’s! Tile laying with Native-American spirit animals, or something. It’s very abstract-y but it’s a game I enjoy and it plays well with two.

3. Ra

Ah! Ra! This is a game I love! It’s in my top ten of all time. I really enjoy the tension in the auctions – I don’t really want that but I don’t want my opponent to have it so do I bid high? Love it. Really looking forward to playing this!

4. Le Havre

And what would our challenge be without me choosing a Uwe Rosenberg big-box game? In fact, this wasn’t originally on the list. I had thought not to include such a beast but Sarah could see that I was feeling a bit twitchy. It didn’t feel right. So here’s the big box game for this year – one of only three games I have ever rated a ten. Obviously I am pretty excited about this!

Sarah’s List

Photo showing Last Will, K2, Yamatai, Dominion and Imhotep
The games Sarah chose for our 2018 challenge

1. Last Will (including Getting Sacked expansion)

This game doesn’t get played much, and because of this, it always takes me a while to pick it up again when it does make its way to the table. However, I really enjoy it and want to play it more often. Plus, I know Jobby is a big fan of CGE games. Now to throw a huge ball and lose all my money!

2. K2

Such a great game, which doesn’t seem to have had much table time for some reason. It’s always really tense, so should make a great challenge game. Just need to keep Mr Wibble and Mr Smooth warm enough to survive (getting to the top of the mountain is a bonus!)

3. Yamatai

This was the game we waited the longest for a demo of at UKGE! All of the tables were constantly full! I do love Days of Wonder Games, so I was keen to try Yamatai. I wasn’t blown away by it at UKGE, but I think that was because there was so much going on. When we did pick up a copy and have a game at home, I really enjoyed it, so I’m looking forward to playing this one as part of our challenge.

4. Dominion

I think it was quite a shock to Jobby that I chose this one! I can’t say deck-builders are particularly my thing, but we played the base game with my brother over Christmas and I was surprised how much I enjoyed it. Because we don’t play this very often, we always use the base cards when we do have a game. It will be fun to try some different cards as part of our challenge.

5. Imhotep

This is a great game and I think it will be really fun to play it as part of our challenge. It has the potential to get pretty competitive, especially if someone moves your boat where you don’t want it to go!

Jointly Chosen

Photograph of Century: Spice Road and Quadropolis
Chosen between us

1. Century: Spice Road

Jobby: To be honest, I chose this because I fully expect to win this 2-0! This was meant to be the Splendor killer when it was released. To be honest, I can’t quite see it but I do like this because I tend to win! 😉

Sarah: I rushed to purchase this game after playing it at UKGE because I enjoyed it so much. However, it hasn’t had much time at the table (maybe we’re not giving a chance and still playing Splendor instead?) This game is a race, but being the first to six point cards doesn’t guarantee victory, so it should make a suitably tense challenge game.

2. Quadropolis (including Public Service expansion)

Jobby: I really enjoy this game. It looks all cute and friendly but really there’s a maths-y puzzle going on. What building do I want and where should it go? Buildings score according to what they sit next to or where in your city they are. And your opponents are taking from the same stock as you are, just to add some tension. Love it!

Sarah: I love Quadropolis! Pretty simple to pick up, but so much to think about when you’re playing. Actually, this might be one of my all-time favourites, so any excuse to play it more is fine by me!

Let Battle Begin!

There is our list for the year. We both recommend that anyone reading this heads off and sets up something similar with someone close in their life.  Go on, give it a try! Play lots of games!

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