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Photo of a set of cards, all of rank 1, in the game Elysium.

Jobby tries to claw his way back in his challenge with Sarah. This time, they’re playing Elysium…

Still Down But Not Out

Since my last update of my best of three challenge with Sarah (see 2017 Challenge Recap) I had managed to fall further behind on the standings after losing to Sarah at Tobago. The challenge stands at 5-2 5-3 in Sarah’s favour (thanks for the correction, Sarah!). We’re playing 11 matches so Sarah just needs to win one more game to win the challenge. I need to win the next three! The pressure is on!

Elysium is my kind of game, the kind of game that I am normally good at. However, I was nervous as we set this up. Sarah had properly kicked my butt last time we played, could I stop her doing that again?

Cards and Gods

Elysium is a game about players buying cards from a central pool and adding them to their tableau above their board, their ‘Domain’. At the end of the round some of the cards will be transferred to below their board, their ‘Elysium’, and arranged into sets, ‘Legends’. Only cards in the Elysium will be worth any points at the end of the game.

Some cards have powers that happen when first bought, some have powers that continue to work while in a player’s Domain and some will score extra points at the end of the game.

There are families of cards, each representing a different Greek gods. Sometimes cards want to be written into the same Legend as other cards of their family. Sometimes they want to be written into Legends containing the same rank cards from other families.

Photo of a player's tableau partway through a game of Elysium. A Legend of 1s is complete. There are a lot of 3s above the board.
My side of the table during our game. The Legend of 1s is complete, now for a Legend of 3s…

There’s a lot to keep an eye on! It’s all about finding synergy in the available cards. I’m a Magic player so this really is my cup of tea! 🙂 I felt confident that I would win this game. That confidence was shaken a little during the first epoch when Sarah collected a couple of cards that were  combo-ing well. They were gaining her points and letting her transfer extra cards into her Elysium – an action that is normally quite restricted to two or three cards per epoch.

I had managed to snag one of my favourite cards which makes each card in a Legend worth an extra point so set about making the most of that with a Legend of 1s. Then tried to work out how to get a full Legend of 3s.

Photo of a set of cards, all of rank 1, in the game Elysium.
A maxed out Legend of 1 cards.

When the end of the game came, Sarah had amassed the most points on her board and in her Elysium. However, being the sneaky guy I am, I had more after game scoring effects and won the game 67 to 55 points!

Results so Far

This brought us to five matches to Sarah and four three to me (thanks for correcting me again, Sarah!). I’m still in with a chance!


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