Photograph of a purple worm from the game If WIshes Were Fishes

2017 Challenge Recap

Jobby takes a moment to recap on the progress of his 2017 11x Best of Three challenge…

Round 2, Done!

Regular readers will know that Sarah and I have been playing a challenge where we have selected eleven games and are playing best of three matches of each one. We play through all of them once (‘Round 1’) and then repeat (‘Round 2’). Any which are tied we then play a third time (‘Round 3’). We’ve just finished Round 2 so this seemed like a good time to catch up with where we are.

GameBlogsJobby WinsSarah WinsMatch Won By
At the Gates of LoyangTo Market, To Market11-
CarcassonneFrench Cities and God Powers02Sarah
Castle Dice11-
Castles of Mad King LudwigMad Castles and Wine Making20Jobby
GheosFrench Cities and God Powers02Sarah
If Wishes Were Fishes!Fishing for Luckies and Digging for Treasure02Sarah
Isle of Skye: From Chieftain to KingCamels in the Desert and King of the Island20Jobby
Samarkand: Routes to RichesCamels in the Desert and King of the Island02Sarah
TobagoFishing for Luckies and Digging for Treasure11-
Viticulture: Essential EditionMad Castles and Wine Making11-

Sarah in the Lead

So, after finishing Round 2, Sarah has a very firm lead: 4 matches to my 2. We are left with five games to play, of which I need to win four to win the challenge! Things are feeling tense for me – particularly as Sarah managed to win games of At the Gates of Loyang and Elysium. I was sure I was going to win both of those matches 2-0.

Hmph! It’s looking grim for me so here’s a picture to cheer myself up. It’s from If Wishes Were Fishes!

Photograph of a purple worm from the game If WIshes Were Fishes
Little, dangly wormie. Pay for my fish!

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