Castles in the Sand

Photograph of a sand castle with three layers.

Jobby goes to the seaside…

There’s Sun! Quick, to the Beach!

On Saturday I took my daughter to the seaside to the nice Norfolk town of Sheringham. We were accompanied by my fiancée Sarah and her mum, Julie. The weather forecast mentioned a possibility of rain so we were typically British and decided to go while the sun was out!

It was a great day. I decided that I had to build a sand castle – and no ordinary sand castle, mine was going to have layers. My daughter thought it was hilarious that her dad wanted to make sand castles and chose to dig a hole. I guess she’s too old for sand castles now and holes are much more cool! Sarah desperately wanted to go in the sea despite the chilly 16°C water temperature! In the end she settled for paddling for a bit. Julie just laid on a towel and watched us.

And my sand castle went well. I got up to three storeys before we broke for lunch. Then it began to rain so we all hurried off the beach to find some shelter. Luckily I got a photo before we went.

Photograph of a sand castle with three layers.
And they said it would never stand up!

Alas, by the time we walked past the beach again, the tide had come in and my castle was four feet under water! <sob!>

After visiting a few attractions including the incredible Peter Coke shell art gallery and the not so impressive Fisherman’s Heritage exhibit we headed home. But not before sampling some of Sheringham’s incredible ice-cream flavours (I had Turkish Delight and Bubblegum!).

On the way home we stopped in a pub for a quick drink and a quick game of Kingdomino. It was a tie between myself and Sarah. My daughter did ok but had a large patch of meadow with no crowns on (they never showed up for her) so she could have done better. It was Sarah’s mum’s first game of this and she really enjoyed it.

A Chilled Out Sunday

With my daughter dropped back to her home on Saturday the other three of us set about having a chilled out Sunday. Some groceries were bought by the ladies while I did a bit of weeding at home and then we settled down to some gaming.

We each took a turn choosing which game to play. Julie started us off with Cottage Garden. She’d seen we bought it at the UK Games Expo and was very interested in it (she loves Patchwork) so this was her first play. She understood the rules pretty well and we set about planting our flowers and letting cats loose. As the game went on she got more and more confident with what was happening and managed to be the second player to hit the target space on the score track (I never did manage it). In fact, at the end, Julie won!

Then Sarah chose Kanagawa for us to play. Sarah and I had only played this a couple of times before so I had to quickly brush up on the rules (no pun intended). This game is about learning to paint from a master and trying to achieve tasks to get diplomas. I made a bit of a meal out of the rules explanation and possibly confused everyone. However, after we’d played a couple of rounds each player had got to grips with what was going on and was cheerfully upgrading their studio and painting animals, people, trees and buildings.

Again, Julie seemed to get the swing of this game and certainly understood what was happening. She was the one to end the game by getting the required number of cards in her print. In the final score up it was Julie who won! 2-0-0 to Julie!

The last of the games before dinner (fish pie!) was my choice. I went with something we’d all played: Lost Cities: The Board Game. From the start Sarah was queen of collecting artefacts. After round one she’d amassed quite the collection and Julie and myself didn’t have any! It never improved much for Julie over the whole game but Sarah finished the game with thirteen of them giving her a huge bonus. Game to Sarah!

(Clockwise from top left) Planting flowers in Cottage Garden. Each player's stack of artefacts from Lost Cities Board Game. The winning print from Kanagawa.
(Clockwise from top left) Planting flowers in Cottage Garden. Each player’s stack of artefacts from Lost Cities Board Game. The winning print from Kanagawa.

We then made dinner and ate that with a bottle of white (well, we did have a guest visiting!). After dinner we played a couple more games of Kingdomino, one of which Julie won. Then we finished the evening with a bit of Cockroach Poker – which, frankly, is just silly. Sarah I (sorry Sarah!) lost after her mum slipped her a sly fly that she let through! Happy with a great weekend we all retired to bed.

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