Royal Pigs

Photo of a player's board in Happy Pigs. There are two fields with a single piglet

Jobby has a good family day on Saturday…

Building Our Kingdoms

It was a good day on Saturday with my daughter, ‘A’, visiting and my parents also visiting at the same time. We have the usual family time together: catching up with what’s been happening, learning the village gossip courtesy of Mum and receiving gifts of chocolate and root beer also courtesy of Mum (thanks Mum!)

Typically, after lunchtime we decide to play some board games.  ‘A’ very decisively chose the recent Spiel winner, Kingdomino, for the first game. She obviously enjoyed her first experience with this game and was eager to play again. Dad had never played but it is such a simple game to explain that he soon got into it.

‘A’ won the first game by a couple of points – beating Sarah into second place and completely trouncing me! ‘A’ had played big on water and had garnered a huge lake in her kingdom. Her 49 points completely comfortably ahead of mine and Dad’s 31 and 26 respectively.

Dad was eager to play again since he felt like he’d got the swing of the rules after one game. Luckily Kingdomino is such a quick set up that it lends itself wonderfully to repeated plays. The second game was quite different: Dad several times took the tile that ‘A’ needed, seriously blunting her score. She took it well, though. This game was mine, though with me working swamps (I think that’s what the coffee coloured sections are) and getting plenty of crowns.

Porscine Pleasure

Then onto another game. This time, ‘A’ chose Happy Pigs as we’d had so much fun last time.

Obviously we found this game very different to when we played it two player last time. Dad was new to the game but, again, the rules are fairly simple and he picked it up very quickly. We didn’t quite have time for a full game for we agreed to play through until the end of Autumn.

I learnt how harsh this game can be at the end of Summer. Everyone else had been exclaiming how many pigs I had. I had a happy, full board of small pigs after selling off a bunch of adult pigs. I was feeling smug. Then the realisation dawned that there was one round left until the end of Summer and my pigs weren’t vaccinated. I could tell other people would also be buying stuff in the last round so I wouldn’t be able to get enough vaccine to protect my piggies so I went the other route and chose to sell them.

Photo of a player's board in Happy Pigs. There are two fields with a single piglet
This piglet is not happy. In fact, he’s probably very scared…

This worked. I sold off nearly all of my small pigs so none ‘went away’. However, this left me with a single piglet. How much breeding can you do off a single piglet? Not much. Not much at all! At this point, everybody else left me behind. I floundered and struggled to get my herd back up to numbers but never really managed it. The other three made proper use of their herds with breeding and selling.

The game ended, unsurprisingly with the other three in a band ranging from $180-215 and my score a paltry $125. That will teach me to keep an eye on the vaccines!

And as always the day ended far too quickly. ‘A’ was whisked off back home and my parents headed back so Dad could fight with the DVD recorder!


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