March of the Pigs

Jobby has a very piggy day. We’ve all had them…

Keeping Pigs Happy

It was one of those Saturdays where my daughter, we’ll call her A, came to visit. Sarah had to go get her hair done for an upcoming wedding, leaving me and the little lady to amuse ourselves.

Feeling worried that I might be getting predictable in my old age I asked that question that apparently I always ask: “What do you want to play?” We were stood in the games room (I had just been putting one back from the previous night). “Have a look,” I suggested “Take your pick!”

“What’s Happy Pigs?” asked A.

So that came off the shelf and we started setting up. I had to quickly skim the rules to remind myself how to play and then explained the game to A. She’s eleven years old (going on 21) and she grasped the rules very quickly.

Basically, in this game players will buy pigs, feed them up so they get bigger, use them to breed and then sell them for profit. There’s four actions available and each player secretly chooses which one they want to do in a round. Each action can be done a certain number of times, with that number being shared amongst all players who selected it. With two players, a dummy third player is used to possibly mess with your opponent.

As I said, A took to this game really well. She is very good at maths and I think that helped her with the game. She soon settled into a rhythm and her pig farm was blossoming. A expanded her farm to four fields which I thought was unnecessary but she soon filled up all the fields! I was keeping things tighter and concentrating on just two fields.

What A did a lot better than me was to pay attention to various bonuses that became available during some rounds ($25 for having the most big pigs, etc.). After totting up our money at the end of the game she beat me by $2!

Pigs on Film

With Sarah returned and a bit of lunch in our bellies it was time for the afternoon’s entertainment: a trip to the cinema. A really likes the Despicable Me films so we went to watch the Despicable Me 3 film. I enjoy these films a lot too, and Sarah has declared that if we have a child it needs to be Agnes (I don’t think that’s how it works…)

I must say I really enjoyed the film. This series of films have kept the bar very high and always produces belly laughs. I felt this film managed to get a more layered story going on several plots happening at once.

What has all this to do with pigs? Well, there are a lot of pigs in DM3. Alas, they seem to be mostly missing from the trailers. 🙁 Still, enjoy this couple of minutes of silliness!


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