Jobby and his daughter standing in front of the wheel of a red sugar beet harvester. The wheel is taller than both of them.

Tractors, Pigs, Flowers and Royal Dominoes

Jobby has a great Father’s Day with his daughter and finacée visiting a farm and playing board games…

Giant Tractors and Fast Pigs

This year the stars were right and my daughter visited me on Father’s Day (she lives with her mum so I don’t normally see her on this day). So, what to do with her? A nearby farm had brought in a number of huge tractors specifically for dad’s to climb on and act like kids so it seemed rude not to go along. Also, my daughter and Sarah do love the animals on this farm so it worked for all of us!

Entertainingly, each tractor had a few sheets in front of them with some statistics about them. The usual things like BHP were there but the things that caught our eyes were the price of the tractors and some of the sillier facts. For example, the combine harvester had a price tag of £536,000! And the fuel tank would cost about £1,450 to fill up at the local garage. Even with the UK’s eye-watering fuel costs that’s still a lot!

Jobby and his daughter standing in front of the wheel of a red sugar beet harvester. The wheel is taller than both of them.
Jobby and daughter compare their height to the wheels of a sugar beet harvester

Along with the tractors, the young ‘uns were given a little quiz to fill out: How Well Do You Know Your Dad? My daughter’s answers all seemed normal enough until we got to “What does your dad often say?”. Her answer was “What game do you want to play?”. Then, in answer to “What has your dad taught you?” she wrote “How to play lots of board games”! I’m sure I have more dimensions than that!

Finally, after lunch, we watched a couple of races of the ‘Ham National’. Apparently pig racing is a sport, who would have known? It was very funny watching these little piglets chasing the farmer with the food. Amusingly, one pig, Arnold Schwartzepigger, didn’t finish the first race. When the pigs came back for race number two, wily Arnold had a head start on them! 🙂

Escape from the Sun

The UK is currently under the impression that it should be entering the ‘Hottest Country on Earth’ competition and it was getting a bit sweltering watching the pigs. We did what all good British people do and beat a retreat to the pub. There we all sat with our cola’s and lemonade. I turned to my little ‘un and (much as she would have predicted) said “What do you want to play?”

We started with a game of Lotus as my daughter has been expressing an interest in ‘Japanese’ or ‘complicated’ games and Lotus seems to fit the former (at least looking at the box). It was her first game but she picked it really quickly (typcially) and was soon collecting points. She also got pretty good at assigning the elders so that she got the bonus even when someone else completed the flower. Sarah, somehow, never really got started. I won, but my daughter was a very close second.

After that, we pulled out Kingdomino. Sarah and I had only played this once before (at UKGE) and after a quick read of the rules we’d been taught it wrong by the demo guy. A quick set up and explanation and we were soon building up cute little kingdoms. Halfway through, however, I’d realised I’d been ordering the tiles in the wrong direction so the most powerful tiles also let the player go first next round. We corrected this immediately but felt the scores at the end were a bit off.

Photograph of Kingdomino in progress.
Kingdomino in the pub – we think we’re getting the rules right this time!

Because of that we set up again and had another game. The young ‘un did amazingly, setting up a meadow worth 50 points on its own! She easily won that game. We play one more game where everyone finished a little closer. It shows how quick and easy it is to set this game up and play it over and over again.

Draining the dregs of our drinks it was time to head home, everybody happy and a good day out achieved!

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