Fishing for Luckies and Digging for Treasure

Jobby and Sarah play their first couple of challenge games, If Wishes Were Fishes and Tobago…

Making Wishes Come True

If Wishes Were Fishes is a funny little game. Basically, each player is trying to make the most money. They’ll do this by collecting fish, using wishes to move the buyers and change the market prices and then sell their fish for maximum money. The pace of the game is set by the markets for particular fish closing when their demand has been reached. At this point, players get bonuses according to how many fish they sold to that market. When the fourth market closes the game ends.

Over Specialising

I felt this game doesn’t get anywhere near enough table time, so I submitted it for our 2017 11x Best of Three Challenge. We played it as the first game in our competition. After a quick brushing up on the rules we dived in.

Getting stuck into a two player game of If Wishes Were Fishes

My immediate plan was to grab lots of the Angel Fish and then put up the price for them and sell them for loads! I even got myself another boat to hold more fish. Alas, after doing that, there were no wishes left to move the buyers I needed to. This left me selling Angel Fish for a lot less than I’d hoped. I quickly changed tact and started gathering an assortment of fish and selling them for the best price I could. This got me off to a pretty good start.

Somehow, though, Sarah managed to make all the right decisions and get all her fish sold at a huge profit. She soon caught up with me and then overtook my score. I never caught up and she finished with a huge lead.

First game to Sarah.

Where Did I Put My Spade?

Up next was Tobago. Another great game we’ve owned for a while that needed more playing. In this game, players build up ‘maps’ by adding clues. Each clue reduces the number of spaces the treasure can be hidden on until there is only one left. Then a player can go and dig up the treasure with each player that added clues receiving a share; the more clues the larger the share.

Digging up the first treasure in Tobago

I was more on my game this time. I made sure to play clues tactically so that I could add more and more clues to each map. It is possible to ignore a map altogether and only work on one yourself. This is risky, though, as the opponent may well finish their map and dig up the treasure first. There are only a limited number of treasure cards in the game and when the last one is dug up the game ends.

With this game, the final scores aren’t revealed until the end so neither of us were sure who was winning. Sarah felt like she wasn’t doing very well. Sure enough, when we totted up the final scores I won with a 10 point lead!

Second game to me!

Results So Far

So, after our first two plays, that leaves us with no matches won and one game each to me and Sarah.

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