2017 11x Best of Three Challenge

If Wishes Were Fishes, Castle Dice, Gheos and Viticulture standing on a wooden table

We had so much fun doing our 2016 10 x 2/3 Challenge that we’re doing it again this year. Plus we’re changing the name to 2017 11x Best of Three Challenge, which makes a bit more sense…

Choose Your Weapon!

In this challenge my fiancée and I play best of three matches with 11 of our games. This challenge was a lot of fun last year and it got us to play some games that don’t seem to get played too often. It also got us to play a bit more competitively than normal (or at least it did for me). We’re doing it again this year, and again, we’ve both had a hand in choosing the games. Here’s our lists:

Jobby’s List

If Wishes Were Fishes, Castle Dice, Gheos and Viticulture standing on a wooden table
The games I chose for our 2017 challenge.

1. Castle Dice

This was a present for me from Sarah. Somehow it never seems to get much play, even though I really enjoy the dice drafting in it. It also always seems to take longer than I expect so I’ve grown cautious about suggesting this at game nights.

2. Gheos

This is rather an old game in our collection. I have a peculiar softspot for this Carcassonne-on-steroids game. It plays well with two so I had to get this in the challenge.

3. If Wishes Were Fishes

A great little game that somehow always seems to confuse people when we teach it. It is simple enough, though, and there is definitely some depth to the decisions in this.

4. Viticulture (Essential Edition)

We bought this along with Sarah’s mum fairly recently and I love it. I don’t know if we’ve just had a lot of new games recently but somehow it hasn’t had the table time it deserves. Time to change that!

Sarah’s List

Castles of Mad King Ludwig, Tobago, Samarkand, Carcassonne and Isle of Skye: From Chieftan to King standing on a wooden table
Sarah’s choices for the 2017 Challenge

Jobby and I had so much fun doing our 2016 challenge that we’ve decided to do another challenge this year! The ’10 Games, Best of 3’ challenge is perfect for us – it encourages us to play those games that don’t always make it to the table, and playing them more than once keeps them fresh in our memories. This challenge isn’t a chore – we completed it easily in 2016, while also playing lots of other games and following our other hobbies (although board gaming is the main one!)

Here’s my choice of games for our 2017 challenge:

1. Carcassonne

This is a pretty special game to me as it was the first one Jobby and I bought together (aww!), and it really got us into the hobby. Since those early years, it doesn’t get to the table very often, so I thought it would be fun to dust it off the shelf.

2. Castles of Mad King Ludwig

This was my Christmas game from Jobby last year and I really enjoy it. I’m not that good at it though!

3. Isle of Skye: From Chieftain to King

This game is a definite highlight from the UK Games Expo 2016. After playing the demo and loving it, we didn’t buy a copy as they were everywhere and we thought we could pick one up later in the day. Of course, we then couldn’t find one anywhere as they had all sold out! Luckily I was able to find one (maybe the last!) first thing the next morning. We’ve actually played this quite a bit, but it’s such a good game, it had to be on my list

4. Samarkand: Routes to Riches

Jobby bought me this for my Birthday a few years ago, and I’m ashamed to say it has only had a couple of plays. It will be great to get this one to the table more often in 2017.

5. Tobago

This is another early game that hasn’t had much table time recently. Again, it’s a great game that we used to love playing, so it had to be on my list.

Jointly Chosen

At the Gates of Loyang and Elysium board games on a wooden table.
We both had At The Gates of Loyang and Elysium on our lists

These are games that were on both of our lists. I’ve written a little about them and so has Sarah.

1. At the Gates of Loyang

Jobby: I do love me some Rosenberg! This game is great with two and plays very differently to Agricola (which was in our challenge last year). I haven’t played this much and it really needs some love!

Sarah: We both chose this one! Jobby is a big Uwe Rosenberg fan, but we’ve actually only played this game a couple of times. Plus the veggie meeples are cool!

2. Elysium

Sarah: We picked this up at the UK Games Expo 2015 and it really hasn’t been played very often. I think this is another game that made it onto both of our lists.

Jobby: As Sarah says, we picked this up at UKGE 2015. It hasn’t seen much play which is a real shame as it strikes me as the kind of game that gets better the more you play it. Hopefully with it in our challenge I’ll get more comfortable about teaching it.

Go Forth and Play!

So there’s our list! Why don’t you challenge someone close to you to some matches this year? If you do, comment below and let us know who you’re playing with and what you’re playing! Look out for play reports from me as Sarah and I tackle our list of games.

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