The First Half of 2014: Board Games and Numbers

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Jobby likes numbers. And he likes board games. As June 2014 ends he takes a look at the year so far for him, in numbers …

I record all of the board games I play on the website I know this is a bit geeky but I have fun looking at the numbers and what I can get out of them. Here’s the numbers for 2014 up to the end of June.


The number of board games I have played this year so far. This is total plays, even if a game has been played more than once.


The is the total number of hours I have played board games so far this year.


The number of different board games I have played this year so far.


The number of games this year that I’ve only played once. Note to self: must play these more!


The percentage of my board game collection I have played. Note that I record plays of games I own as well as games I don’t own; this figure is only looking at games I own.


The total number of plays of games designed by Antoine Bauza.


The number of times I have played my most played game this year. This is for the game 7 Wonders which we bought new near the beginning of the year and was an instant hit with several people I play games with.


The total number of plays of games designed by Reiner Knizia.


The most games played in a single day. Interestingly this wasn’t our International Tabletop Day at which I played 9 games. This was just a day I’d organised with some mates. It also included a game of Arkham Horror which we won in record time!


How many games I have played between 5 and 9 times this year. The games are Friday, Shadow Hunters, Cargo Noir, Escape: Curse of the Temple, Get Bit! and Pasha.

Finally …


The number of friends and family who have played board games with me this year. After all, it’s not just about the games – I play games as a social activity! Thank you all, you know who you are! 🙂

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