International TableTop Day 2014

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A Killer On The Loose!

Sure enough, with the detritus of takeaway dinners put in the wheelie bins I was summoned to a table to explain and play Letters From Whitechapel. Sarah was quite happy to leave me to that while she got on playing some lighter games next door.
Letters From Whitechapel is a game where one player takes on the role of Jack the Ripper (me in this case) whilst the other players work together as the police to try and catch him.
The game is played over several rounds, ‘nights’. Each night, Jack murders a Wretched (or prostitute as we now call them) and has to run back to his hideout. If he fails to make it back or the police arrest him them he loses the game. If he can get away with five murders then he wins.

Letters From Whitechapel - Can the police find Jack the RIpper?
Letters From Whitechapel – Can the police find Jack the RIpper?

The trick is that Jack moves in secret. The board is covered in numbered spaces and Jack moves by writing down which space he has moved to. The police then move and search spaces for clues, hoping to reveal where Jack has been that night. The police know where Jack started, due to the dead hooker, and they know how long he’s been moving so that gives them information on where he could be.
It’s a good brain bender, especially if you’re playing with logical minded players. I had loads of fun listening to my five friends discussing the possibilites of where I could be. Interestingly, they seemed to think I would be doing all kinds of doubling back and stuff!
The game took over 2.5 hours! There had been an incredible amount of deliberating over each move. At one point a pad was pulled out and diagrams were being drawn of where Jack might be. I found this really funny as they had missed one direction I could travel in and were looking in entirely the wrong area.
They caught me on the second night, though, when they’d eventually pinned me down to one of four possible locations. With a policeman at each location they were able to find me.

And So Ends A Good Day

Now it was very late. Some people had already drifted away during the past hour or so, saying goodbye whilst the police cogitated over my whereabouts. With Jack caught, I talked the players through my last moves pointing out where they’d missed my turning. Everyone agreed that it was time to call it a night as it was well past all of our bedtimes! 😉 Happily, everyone seemed as though they’d really enjoyed their time and there was much discussion about doing it again in a few months.
Watch this space!

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