International TableTop Day 2014

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Jobby and Sarah host their own gaming event on 5th April 2014 – International TableTop Day! Here’s how the day went:

Organising The Day

On 5th April 2014, we chose to host an event at our home for International TableTop Day. It was a private event so we had invited friends from various groups with the intention of being able to get some large numbers of players together.
Various people had confirmed the times they thought they would arrive and I had produced some certificates with silly achievements on, much in the same vein as TableTop.
As the day drew nearer I began to panic. We’d done something similar in the past but it had degenerated into a day of playing The Resistance and Werewolves of Miller’s Hollow. Both good games but we wanted more variety this time.
As we had two rooms that we’d be playing in our solution was to create a pile of games in each room. This would prevent people just staring at our shelves and feeling overwhelmed by our games collection (it is pretty impressive 🙂 ). It also meant that we’d picked out games that we thought would be suitable for the day (not too long, not too complex, etc.)

Nobody Wants To Be The First To Arrive

11am rolled by without anyone knocking on the door, so Sarah and I got the day rolling with a couple of little two player games. First we had a tense game of Hive whereupon my winning streak was truly broken with Sarah claiming a solid victory. We then played Dao, which I won after putting Sarah in a position that she couldn’t win from. Then our first guest arrived.

Hive - Like chess but with bugs (kind of)
Hive – Like chess but with bugs (kind of)

After the normal greetings and admiring the pre-order box of Elder Scrolls he’d just got, we got straight into setting up a game of Pandemic, a co-operative game about saving the world from four diseases. We’d almost set up when our next two guests arrived. Pandemic only plays up to four but the new arrivals were happy to work as a team. We played the easy version with four Epidemic cards and managed to win but things were starting to get hectic.

Pandemic - Saving the world from disease one cube at a time!
Pandemic – Saving the world from disease one cube at a time!

On With The Games!

With people now starting to arrive, we decided to try a quick game suitable for five players: Escape, a co-operative, real-time game about escaping from a cursed temple. As only Sarah and I had played this before I started explaining the rules. Sure enough, half way through another two people arrived. They were happy to watch this game (Escape only lasts ten minutes). With the rule explanations finished the five of us began our adventure. As always, Escape provided some very tense moments. The end proved truly epic with everyone out of the temple except for one of the new players. He was managing to lock up all of his dice but succeeded in producing the required number of keys just before the last grains ran through the egg timer!

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